Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alka Ajith in Airtel Super Singer

My blog entry after more than an year - This is my way of showing appreciation to Alka Ajith's performance in super Singer junior - 2010

One of the very rare performances and what a blessed girl she is! It will be too long before we see another performance like this. Immediately after a few lines of singing itself, I told my family 'See, she is going to get a standing ovation at the end of the song' but it was sooner than I expected. People just couldn't wait till the end to give her a standing ovation. It is just not the singing - just from the beginning itself, we can see a sort of divine presence there, as if
the Singara velan Himself was pulled down from the heaven by Alka!. I don't know whether there was anybody in the auditorium who could control their emotions that evening. What a natural show of appreciation by singers Srini, Mano and others! Also, the tough and grim looking James Vasanthan as usual - maybe he would have been all smiles had it been a Jesus song. What a show of innocence by her without an iota of ego for having delivered such a brilliant performance! I had never sent any SMS in my life for these kind of TV shows and for the first time I sent 3 SMS for her from 3 mobiles immediately. I wish she does not get big on her head while get going up and up in the ladder - let her innocence be not lost whatever materialistic wealth and fame comes to her in life.

Nobody can beat our divine music!!

I am personally attached to this song because of a childhood incident. We had a very talented and sincere man in the name of Sadhasivam working in our house and he had a gerat affection to me. When I was about 7-8 years, he took me in his cycle from my house at Papanasam (Tanjore dist) to a movie thatre at Uthani for the movie 'Konjum Salangai, about 6-7 kms from Papanasam, brought me back to my house after the movie and then returned to his house. A distance of around 20 kms of cycling just to take me to the movie. Sadly, he committed suicide within a few months. So whenever I hear this song, I am daunted by the lingering memories of our beloved Sadhasivam and the way Alka sang that day, I was stirred totally.


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very lavish praise

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