Monday, September 15, 2008

Visaka Hari and Kuselar

Visaka Hari, the prodigy

Visaka Hari is very popular now for her “Sangeetha Upanyasams”, i.e., half classical music and half Upanyasam. In an introductory speech of Sudharani Ragupathy, the dance guru of Visaka Hari, she was a child prodigy in both dance and music and got confused at one stage on which one to choose as her career. She finally decided music with Lalgudi Jayaraman as her guru. She wanted to get married to the family of Sri Krishna Premi, affectionately known as “Sri Anna” and married to Sri Hari, son of Sri Anna. During her performances you can see her only in 9 yards saree. When we met a mother of Visaka hari’s classmate in one of the programs, she told that Visaka hari was like any other city girls during her teens with jeans, t shirt etc., What a decisive transformation at this age! - only some divine personalities can do that.

For the first time, we attended her performance “Kuchela Upakyanam” at Sivakami Pethachi Auditorium/ Mylapore during the Dec 2006 season. Luckily I bought the tickets the previous day and it was a 'sold out'. She makes it a point that either her programs are entry free or there is a separate place outside for free live projection.

Kuselar and Krishnar were the two extreme ends. Kuselar was starving and could not even feed his children. His wife had to approach her neighbours even to carry ‘aval’ for Krishnar. On the other hand, Goddess Lakshmi, the God of wealth, is Krishna's wife and His palace was glittering as heaven. So Kuselar, a gurukulam mate of Krishna, went to His palace to see Him with mind-full of doubts whether he will be allowed entry inside or will be thrown out by the gate keepers due to his poor appearance and even when he is allowed inside, whether Krishna would remember and recognize him etc., But on hearing the name of ‘Kuselar’, He came to the outer gate itself to receive Kuselar and what a reception it was! Krishna poured all His love for Kuselar and made him sit in the Swing while Krishna Himself sitting on the floor! They were chatting all the nostalgic memories of their Gurukulam. Goddess Lakshmi was serving Kuselar! Imagine what a scene it would have been! The impeccable combination of carnatic music and description by Visaka Hari was an equal match to that beautiful scene.

An unimaginable and unexplainable divine presence at that moment at the auditorium! I could literally feel it.

Right from the moment Kuchelar set his foot at Krishna’s palace, the last 45 minutes or so of the program was bringing tears in me abundantly.

It was a moment of love, love, love.. choked in divine love only.

With my wife sitting next to me and a neighbour on the other side, I tried controlling but what to do, tears were rolling down uncontrollably all through those last 45 minutes. Though we have seen about 6-7 programs of her so far, this, by far is the best of her. So when you hear ‘Kuselobagyanam’ from Visaka hari, don’t ever miss it (and don't forget to inform me as well).

Then I went to another program 'Meenakshi Kalyanam' at P.S.High school/ Mylapore. That was not at all fit for a crowd expected for her programs. So, the hall became full very easily and I just waited outside thinking that I will go back after hearing for about 15 minutes or so, since the mosquito bites were too strong for anyone to stay outside there. Then I slowly went around to the side looking out for some seat somewhere and found a side door getting opened all of a sudden. I entered through that which led me directly to the stage. It is very usual in all her programs that people jam pack around her on the stage itself due to lack of space in the auditorium. Such is the massive crowd thronging her programs nowadays.

I attended another program of her - 'Krishna Avatar' at Kamaraj Arangam. On coming out of the program, I and my wife had a strong feeling she is nothing but the re-birth of Sri Andal. Only people with such intimacy to the divine can deliver such discourses! nobody else can.

I wish her all good health, wealth and everything she needs in life to carry on and on and on endlessly through many births.

Visaka Hari 2
Visaka Hari 1

There are two low cost DVD and VCD titles released by Moser baer – Seetha Kalyanam and Sundhara Gandam – available in all DVD/VCD shops and Giri Traders/Mylaopre.

The biggest drawback of Hinduism is that we are not organized very well and we don’t market ourselves properly. With so many sabhas and classical music lovers in the city, not a single popular performer of the classical music has a website on their programs schedule so that their fans can follow them all through their programs wherever possible - just like me wanting to do with Visaka Hari.

I see whether I can create such one on my own..


veda class ganesh said...


You right said, Visaka Hari is fully a Divine personality. The way she starts her Upanyasam with excellant musical voice itself something great.
She is a role model of typical South Indian girl of traditional family
I pray for her Divine service to continue for ever.
B.Ganesan (ganesh)
camp:Tampa, florida, usa

Melasevel group said...

If I am correct, she is a Chartered Accountant too. Yes- she is excellent in her discourses and the pronouciation is always perfect. She attracts audience and keep them bound to the program till the end. We will pary for her long life, free from any ailments so that she continue her discourses for ever without any stop

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.I have also listen the Upanyasa of Smt.Visaka hari on Sundarakandam - really it is nice and one should defenitely listen.
Thanks for your mail and best wishes for your all efforts

SA Narayanan, Chennai said...

நன்றாக எழுதியிருக்கிறீர்கள், நன்றி. நானும் என் மனைவியும் ஸ்ரீமதி விஷாகா ஹரியின் பரம விசிறிகள்!

குசேலோபாக்கியானத்தை இதுவரை கேட்டதில்லை; கேட்க மிக ஆவலாக உள்ளோம்.

நீங்கள் குறிப்பிட்டவாறே, ஸ்ரீமதி விஷாகா ஹரியின் நிகழ்ச்சிகளை ஒரு வலைப்பதிவில் போட்டால், என் போன்ற ரசிகர்களுக்கு மிக மிக உதவியாக இருக்கும். ஆவன செய்யுங்கள்.

SA Narayanan
Raja annamalaipuram
Chennai -28

16 Sep 2008

M.R said...

I have too enjoyed her discourses more than once. & aso I play her SUNDARAKANDAM & SEETHA KALYANAM DVDS often I believe she is a rank holder in C.A. & ONE IS SURPRISED HOW SHE HAS TAKEN TO THIS DIVINE TASK leaving her CA PROFESSION. May God give her & her husband ,who also gives discourse long life. Regrds-M.R.SRINIVASAN

Anonymous said...

Sir you are doing a great cause for our people. God bless you and give all facilities to go ahead.

sivapathasekaran said...

No doubt she is a gift to Harikatha world.One can not forget her rendering of Sri Thyagaraja's "Rama katha sudha"in Madhyamavathi.The Asthikas will be grateful if she can contribute on topics like "Skandam" and "Shiva Puranas"
-- Sivapathasekaran

SN Rajan said...

Each and every Hindu should be proud of their culture, but in this western dominated culture it canit be heard - what we have to do then? tell them in LOUD voice - even if not heard even louder. NEVER GIVE UP. WE WILL BE HEARD ONEDAY

DS said...

after reading all ur posts/comments i am proud that i have been a classmate of visakha hari till we passed out after higher secondary.she was a topper in school too - in studies, dance and in music..she was a part of all cultural activities and also she was a house captain.she did her CA and is a rank holder in that too.i am proud to have been associated with her sometime in my life when she was an up and coming artist. good luck vishaka.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Visaka hari. Living in USA, I listened to a few of her renditions on the YouTube and was very impressed.
I wish there were more DVDs of her upanyasams for sale. The fact that she infuses carnatic music into upanyasams makes it very attractive. She is simply awesome in her musical delivery!
Suresh Kumar Iyengar

ramudu said...

Really, Visaka Hari typifies how a south India girl should be. What a great transformation -- from jeans to nine-yards sari. She is really inspired by the divine. I pray to God that her service should continue for a long time.

Sukanya said...

Visaka Hari Is undoubtedly the best in bringing the bhakthi rasa in her upanyasams. It is incredible to see a young woman take up this profession wholeheartedly. It is the results of her past Karma that she is doing what she is doing. I was moved thoroughly when I heard her for the first time on stage -- Sri Ranganathathe of Srirangam. We are looking forward to her visit to California USA

Harini said...

I can proudly say that we are agroup of Vishaka Haris fan club in London.We were lucky enough to have her give 12 discourses and every one was agem.Andal Kalyanam,
Meera (in English) were by far the most tearful.!!! People were unashamedly shedding tears.Her recent Dvd of PRAHALAD is also soul stirring.Whenever there is a new Dvd i get it sent and we all watch it over and over again.My Children refer to her as amma's GOd Woman in jest.But any a truth is spoken in jest!!!!
When Vishaka Hari was to give the katha kalkshepam on Andal people searched in several houses for a picture of Andal.I had a fairly large vigraha of Andal Thayr and this ws kept for pooja.I am so fortunate to have my Vigraha blessed by such an eminent woman.
Words of praise must be given to Sri Hariji as well-he sits through the concert mesmerised like the rest of us and even laughs at all the right places.His "shrada" is evident.Vishaka often quotes her father inlaw's works with great prie.Amazing woman.Her english diction like all her other languages is superb.I can go on endlessley but i should stop now saying we wish she would come back to London soon.
Harini Raghuveer

Anonymous said...


Congrates for all your efforts.. As being a close devotee of Smt.Visaka's father-in-law - Sri.Krishnapremi Maharaj, I would suggest you to visit WWW.SRISRIANNA.COM or to know more about visaka hari and the programme time table..and Smt.visaka is conducting quiz competitions for the kids online.

Anonymous said...

She is a goldmedolist in Charterd accoutant and learnt music from the great LALGUDI JAYARAMAN...u cant find her in anyother costume apart from the traditional MADISAAR..She has a 1yr old kid called Raja Gopalan

Harini said...

Dear all
Smt Vishaka Hari can be seen on you tube in a normal saree as opposed to the usual 9yards!!!
One can hear Andal Kalyanam and several other videos on the u tube including some of her music concerts.We suspected she may be with child as she was missing for a while.Many congratulations to Vishaka and Hariji on the birth of their son.I am sure the child is blessed enough to be a part of such an eminent gene pool but i am also certain a few more good wishes cant hurt.We look forward to seeing you and hearing you in London in the near future Maam.

Anonymous said...

as rightly said mrs vishaka hari is born with GODS ANUGRAHA. Recently i had a chance to attend her programme at CHOWDAI MEMORIAL HALL AT BLORE and was stunned with her performance. it is definately a different way of harikata that the present generation would enjoy.

we are proud to see a young woman with full of energy and talent .
I wish her all the best. keep it up

Suresh Venkatesan said...

I was one of the privileged few to listen to Smt.Visaka Hari's rendition on " Kuselobagyanam". It was truly wonderful, we were literally spell bound and deeply engrossed,the way she expounded the details with her excellent musical voice simply added radiance to it. May the Almighty bestow his blessings on them. It was my first experience and I earnestly look forward to listening to more of her other divine renditions.

This has had a huge impact and has greatly touched me in particular and instilled even stronger belief in divinity.

Suresh Venkatesan- Dubai -UAE.

Krishnan V said...

Can anyone give her email id or Blog URL(If any)?

Our complements SHOULD reach her and encourage her.

V. Krishnan

Bala said...

Visaka Hari is an intelligent and articulate Harikatha exponent. Her two DVDs on Thyagaraja and Sundara Kaandam are simply brilliant. When do we expect her in Australia and she will be a big draw to the growing Indian population ... Come soon !!!!

Bala Balachandran from Melbourne

Ramasubramanian said...

Someone has misspelt "kuchela Upakyanam". Please be careful with samskrt words and phrases.
Vishaka Hariji has the anugraha of Devi Saraswati in full measure and has the makings of a real saint. I wish & pray that she continues the good work with the same humility & bhakti for the benefit of all of us.

Ravi said...

Ravi Shankar Madiraju(Kuwait),
I dont know Tamil but when after seeing Smt.Visaka Hariji Upannyasams now i am understanding each and every sentance.Even though she is talking in tamil but it is like a pure sanskrit.By seeing two,three times her upnyasamas continuously now i am perfectly understanding Tamil.

Thanks to Vishakaji for creating integration inbetween Tamil and Telugu and Sanskrit By her exellent upnyasams.

Ravi said...

I dont know Tamil but when i srated seening Upanyasams by Smt.Vushakaji know i am undestanding Tamil perfectly because her speach like as pure saskrit.Thanks to Smt.Vishakaji for integration of Tamil,Telugu and Sanskrit by her exellent upanyasams.
Ravi Shankar

Priya said...

Hi this is kameswari


i like visaka Hari she is having more and more divine personality. She is a role model for every women my daughter Amruta she is just 3 years old she loves Visaka Hari program very much
I pray to god she will do more program and we want to learn from her a lot.

Kameswari Ramachandran

hari said...

I did attend Visaka Hari's Kuchela Upakyanam in Sivagami Pettachi Hall in the December season as you have mentioned. It was the first time I witnessed her sangeetha upanyasam. I was simply mesmerised. Since the hall was brimming as also under the shamiana outside, I was forced to listen to the entire programme while standing near the doorway. It didn't matter that my legs were aching. The experience was divine and I did not want to miss even a bit of it. Now whenever I have an opportunity I do make it a point to attend her sangita upanyasam.

The andal kalyanm was another marvelous piece rendered. I did manage to sit on floor on the front row and this was a Jaya TV programme. This one was equally enthralling.

God bless her.


Anonymous said...

She is truly a blessed person for such talent and more so for having chosen a path of delivering God's messages.
I have heard numerous of her Upanyasams and have cried inconsolably hearing God's leela's and also because I am not fortunate enough to get such vision.
It is divine intervention that she has chosen this path and May God bless her.

sudha said...

Oh! I was choked in tears when i listened to her Sudhama charitham and Andal Kalyanam on youtube. Just couldn't help tears rolling down. Very moving rendition and she is very much into the characters themselves that you will see tears rolling down her eyes as well and with a choked throat. She is very divine. Very much yearning to listen to her live discourse.

Lakku said...

Rightly said, her voice and presentation is something great, gives me inexplicable joy. I have only heard her discourses, did not
have any opportunity to see personally.

Lakshmi Natarajan said...

I am Lakshmi Natarajan, living in Delhi.

I have heard of "Anna" right from my teenage and had opportunty to listen to his lectures a couple of times. Then I listened to Hari once almost when he was about to complete a lecture. Then I listened to Vishakha Hari's SundaraKandam on CD (first part). Unfortunately my 2nd CD does not work.During 2010 Ramanavami celebrations, I listened to her Shabari Moksham at Tamil Sangam, RK Puram, New Delhi and that still is as fresh as ever in my mind. During 2011 Ramanavami, I listened to her Raama Naama Mahimai. I have no words to explain how I felt. I am working. So I get a very few chances to listen to her. Incidentally I was born on a Raama Navami day under Poosam Nakshatram. Next year my 60th birthday falls during Raama Navami. I want to celebrate it by holding Vishakha Hari's lecture on 2nd Chapter of Bhagawat Gita. I will be the luckiest if this could be fulfilled.

Lakshmi Natarajan said...

I have listened to Vishakha Hari's Shabari Moksham and Raama Naama Mahimai. I would like to celebrate my 60th birthday which falls on 1st April 2012, by holding a lecture by Vishakha Hari on 2nd Chapter of Bhagavat Gita. I was born on a Rama Navami Day, under Poosam Nakshathram.

Maheswar Rao S V said...

Shall be very glad along with millions of Ayyappa bhakthas if Visaka Hari could come up with a Katha of lord Ayyappa.
I look forward to this to be happen at the earliest

Swamiya Saranam Ayyappa

Maheswara Rao

Rama Ramaswamy said...

Our humble namaskarams to Smt.Visaka Hari
We are very much excited to hear all the upanyasams. However, we do not know whether she has made anything on 'Pancharatna kritis'. If so, please let us know.
Rama Ramaswamy

punitha said...

you can download her upanasamas from

NRG said...

Natarajan Ramgopal,

I have seen and heard Viska Haris discourses. She actually takes her audience on divine tour and it is sad that one can not continue for ever and have to come back to earth for the usual worthless life.

sankaranarayanan said...

iam an ardent fan of Smt Visaka Hari. I heard her Upanyasam at Sri RamaKrishna Mutt, Mylapore recently. I am already having her cds. Thyagaraja Ramayanam and Sita Kalyanam. Today (28.2.12) only i heard Sita Kalyanam from her husband Sri Hari from Vijay TV Both are good. Let God Naryana give enough strength and vigour to spread Hinduisum thro' their Harikathas.


K.G.MAHADEVA said...

I listned to Smt Vishaka Hari's "Krishna Leelai" Kaalaadsepham online which was telecasted in Jaya Tv, it was fantastic devine tour. I live in UK, could any tell me how I could get her DVDs and CDs of her upanyasams.
I understand some are available in Giri Stores at Mylapore but I do not know their postal address or e-mail address, COULD SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS. "May God Bless" you all.
307,Roding Lane North,
Woodford Green'
IG8 8LH,

r.s.athreya said...
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bharadwaj said...

I would like to know is our divine vishaka hari ji is an iynegar or iyer.coz some say she is a sri vaishnava but some say she is an iyer.And one more thing i found on the web is that sri krishna premi swami has mentioned that he is a ramanuja please clarify.

thank you!!!!!!

jai radhe krishna!!!!

Unknown said...

Mr. K.G. Mahadeva, Contact details you are looking for can be found on the net at

Unknown said...

Mr. K.G. Mahadeva, details you are looking for are available on the net at

Aparna said...

I am very eager to listen to Smt Vishaka Hari's discourse in English. I love her discourses in Tamil, but would like to share the English discourse with some family and friends who do not understand Tamil.
Please let me know if there is a way to get a copy of her English discourse. Please email me at and let me know. Thank you so much in advance.


AHAM said...

simple and sweet

vj said...

Thank you very much. Vishaka Hari is amazing in her presentation and music. Captivating!! My best wishes to her..Vijaya Jayaraman from Boston

BuddhaSoft said...

I recently watched the episode on kuchelar charithram. The last few years i have been questioning the existence of god and my belief in our Hindu religion has been dwindling, but listening to her, definitely promotes some form of warmth and goodness at the moment of watching. As an unbiased observer, I want to ask this question - Why was kuchelar born poor and what was his karma, that made him get to that state of living to start with.

Anonymous said...

Vishaka Hari is no one other than satschat SriLakshmi and blessed by Bhagavan to transform lesser souls to Bhakthi Movement in the Kali Yuga. The first time when i listened to Krishna Leela in Pune on Jan 2013...then stories of Srimad Bhagavatam has come proximal automatically many a times this year, though never had an oppurtunity to listen to saptagam, Trust this is not an coincidence. It is Just his GRACE . Again, yesterday December 2013 Bhagavan has provided an oppurtunity to listen to Kuchelopagyanam . Summary , for this year Adiyen was blessed by Bhagavan and he showered his grace and let this Karunai gets showered to all in this material world to get rid of pain and misery. Hare Krishna...Om Tat sat.